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First Aid at Work for Outdoor & Lone Workers

Those of you who have been on BASL First Aid at Work training courses have commented how suitable the course is for working in agriculture and forestry. In these industries you are often working in remote places, with limited or no communications, on your own and often with inherently dangerous equipment or substances. The course is as much about awareness of the challenges of a worst-case scenario that may never happen but if it does, you are better prepared. 

Almost all conventional first aid books, courses and emergency guidelines assume that people are working within the desired 8 minute ambulance response times. This is fine in the city and larger towns but as we know this is just not an achievable target for remote rural locations. The rural working environment, in particular forestry locations, is far removed from these response times with employees often working in remote areas with limited or no communication along with challenging access to the casualties. This means at times conventional emergency services may take longer to respond or need assistance from Mountain Rescue Teams, The Coast Guard and helicopters. 

Training will cover the ITCFirst Level 6 First Aid at Work syllabus and include

  • casualty evacuation planning
  • communications with the Emergency Services and what information to send. 2-way communication devices, Mobile phone apps giving your grid reference without a mobile phone signal
  • use of current first aid techniques and equipment 

All candidates should discuss their requirements for Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) training with the office. Courses can be tailored to your work place (in-house certificate), run as a general EFAW course or for those in forestry can cover the +F Qualification. 

Our courses are taken by ITCFirst outdoor specialists and we have no hestitation in recommending them. 

Thank you to Stewart Richardson of CA First Aid who has provided the basic text for this item.

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