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The benefits of Catch Crops

If you need to provide extra dry matter out of season for cattle and sheep, think about planting a catch crop. 

Other key benefits from catch crops are:

  • providing a short term break from grassland and minimising pest attacks associated with sowing grass after grass
  • enhancing soil rejuvenation and help eradicate perennial weeds
  • creating a clean entry for any subsequent grass re-seed

Catch crop roots establish deeper and more extensively in a short period of time than grass. This helps to loosen soil compaction and at the same time provide valuable autumn & winter green feed. Catch crops can offer soil erosion protection, weed suppression and improved residual fertility for the next crop.

Another great benefit of these crop types is fast establishment. They can be sown and ready for grazing in as little as 10-12 weeks. 

At BMR we offer a range of Catch Crop mixtures at very competitive prices. All are tailored to both different utilisation periods and different livestock types.

The sowing window (mid May to late August) is here! Call for more information and check our catalogue

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