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Young Farmers discount

The Scottish Association of Young Farmers (SAYFC) has formed a new partnership with three machinery rings as part of their Cultivating Futures agricultural and business training programme.

Supported by Borders Machinery Ring, Tayforth Machinery Ring and Highland Machinery Ring, SAYFC can now offer Scotland’s rural youth discounted practical training. This includes forklift, chainsaw, welding, sprayer, ATV and pest control management.

SAYFC National Chairman Stuart Jamieson explained the objective of this new partnership “Over the last couple of years we have identified a skills shortage and following a demand from our members we felt it was essential to facilitate training opportunities with our partners. This in turn will not only improve the level of skills available within the agricultural sector but play a crucial role improving health and safety”

He continued “This affordable, practical training will be delivered at a venue and time to suit them with the sessions exclusive to their group. This will give them the confidence to ask questions and gain the relevant knowledge required to support their careers”

Michael Bayne, Manager at Borders Machinery Ring added “BMR are delighted to be involved in this Young Farmers training initiative which will offer a wide range of discounted training courses.  The project aims to not only increase skill levels but also raise awareness of health and safety on farm. We look forward to strengthening our links with young people entering the agricultural industry.”

The programme is now open for bookings, and anyone interested should contact the SAYFC National Office via 0131 333 2445 or rebecca@sayfc.org. A full list of courses and costs can be found at www.sayfc.org/hub


For more information contact SAYFC Communications & Rural Affairs Manager Rebecca Dawes on 0131 333 2445 or rebecca@sayfc.org



  • Gas oil additives to improve performance Gas oil additives to improve performance
    Additives can improve engine deposits, cetane number, fuel lubricity, microbial infestation, handling temperature, shelf life
  • Powerstart silage additive Powerstart silage additive
    Powerstart Silage additive gives reassurance the grass will ferment correctly, providing palatable feed, for pit and bale silage
  • Hire plant & equipment through the Ring
    BMR supply members can cover our entire area with plant & equipment hire at exceptional rates
  • LOLER testing still taking place
    Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) -to meet these requirements LOLER testing is still going ahead
  • Rodent Control on Farms (E-learning) Rodent Control on Farms (E-learning)
    Course in Control of rodents on farm includes prevention and cures using rodenticides in line with CRRU
  • BMR Grass Seed Brochure 2020



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