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Borders Machinery Ring Limited

Membership Form

If you are interested in joining BMR then let us know and we will talk you through how we can work for you.

We can post out new member information packs to you with the relevant forms for you to complete. Where possible we visit potential new members to discuss any queries they may have.

If you would like more information on how to join please fill in the enquiry form or give us a ring at the office on 01896 758091

Otherwise please download the membership application form, fill it in and send it back by post to the office at Leader House, Mill Road, Earlston, TD4 6DG. Please note we need a hard copy of the signed direct debit mandate.

Once your application has been approved and your direct debit set up, you have become member of BMR and are able to use any of the services! You will then receive a Handbook, which incorporates the Guide Price List, Operating Rules and a list of current members.

Newsletters are posted to members twice a year and a electric newsletters emailed regularly.


* Subsequent subscriptions will be paid annually from date of joining.

The Directors will determine membership subscriptions of Machinery Rings and similar Businesses.

Subscription Type Cost Per Year
Full Membership £156.00 + VAT
Labour Supply £85.00 + VAT
Private Membership £57.00 + VAT
Associate Membership £57.00 + VAT

Download membership application form

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Becoming a BMR member

Our Membership is open to private householders as well as businesses, click here to find out more.