Private Membership

Borders Machinery Ring Limited

Private Membership

BMR has launched a new membership for non-business customers. For £56.00 + VAT and shareholding. Any private household can join BMR and benefit from reliable contractors and tradesmen as well as access to competitive deals on supplies.

Competitive prices for domestic heating oil and gas

Grounds work contractors for fencing, hedging, walling, tree surgery, pasture topping and pasture renovation.

Garden maintenance, from landscaping to grass cutting.

Builders, Plumbers, joiners, electricians, painters and slaters - including accounts with local builders merchants.

Free internet access, phone bill reduction, electricity supply quotes.

Regular ringleader newsletter by email, post or looking at our website.

Download our Private Membership information leaflet

  • BMR Member Survey

  • BMR members benefit from AF Group agrochemicals buying
    Members benefit from AF agrochemicals forward buying of Autumn products, terms apply
  • Training dates for July, Aug & Sep Training dates for July, Aug & Sep
    Lantra & NPORS training available for a range of machines, also First Aid, Rodent Control, Driver CPC
  • South of Scotland Economic Partnership-consultation events
    The SoSEP is hosting 28 consultation meetings for the general public and industry, your voice is important in shaping policy
  • Community Defibrillators
    Defibrillators are often found in Community venues. They are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest. AEDs check the heart rythm..
  • Supreme Catch & Cover Crops
    Use Catch Crops to provide fast nutritious out of season forage Dry Matter. Also acting as a break crop for grass.


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Becoming a BMR member

Our Membership is open to private householders as well as businesses, click here to find out more.