Spray operator qualifications

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Spray operator qualifications

The Law regarding use of Pesticides
The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012 requires everyone who uses Plant Protection Products (PPPs) authorised for professional use, to have a spray operator certificate. In addition, anyone purchasing PPPs authorised for professional use must ensure that the intended end user has a certificate. 

Background information including Regulations, Codes of Practice and recognised awards can be found at:

The Voluntary Initiative 


Qualification quidance can be found at on the City & Guilds website 

In Scotland training material is based on the Scottish Code of Practice for Pesticide Use 2006. This can be found on the Scottish Government website

In England & Wales use HSE/pesticides/code of practice

Sprayer Equipment Testing Requirement
By 26th November 2016, all in-use pesticide-application equipment over 5 years old-with the exception of knapsack and handheld sprayers-must have passed inspection by the Naitonal Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) within the last 5 years. The NSTS is the only body designated to inspect and certify pesticide application equipment for use, so having equipment tested by an approved NSTS examiner is the only way to stay compliant. A list of approved examiners can be found on the NSTS website or speak to your local sprayer dealer.

Pesticide Refresher courses - Lantra have produced a suite of approved Pesticide Refresher courses. These are suitable for those employed within the agriculture or horticulture industries with responsibility for the storage, handling and application of pesticides. These courses will confirm your knowledge of health and safety and legislation enabling you to work safely and effectively out in the field. These courses are for existing holders of certificates of competence and provide evidence of operatives CPD and attract BASIS CPD points. 

  • Gas oil additives to improve performance Gas oil additives to improve performance
    Additives can improve engine deposits, cetane number, fuel lubricity, microbial infestation, handling temperature, shelf life
  • Powerstart silage additive Powerstart silage additive
    Powerstart Silage additive gives reassurance the grass will ferment correctly, providing palatable feed, for pit and bale silage
  • Hire plant & equipment through the Ring
    BMR supply members can cover our entire area with plant & equipment hire at exceptional rates
  • LOLER testing still taking place
    Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) -to meet these requirements LOLER testing is still going ahead
  • Rodent Control on Farms (E-learning) Rodent Control on Farms (E-learning)
    Course in Control of rodents on farm includes prevention and cures using rodenticides in line with CRRU
  • BMR Grass Seed Brochure 2020



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