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ATV training

ATV training

Different training is required for sit-astride and sit-in type machines.

Training certificates generally last for 5 years when refresher training should take place to keep certificates current.

Courses can be held at your venue with your machine or at a designated venue with your machine. A sit-astride ATV is available for training purposes also.

Training can be held at a dedicated site near Pencaitland in East Lothian where practice on uneven ground and slopes is carried out.

Please call with your requirements.

Current dates;

Thursday 25th July-BORDA sit astride course

Wednesday 21st August -Lantra sit in course

Thursday 22nd August-Lantra sit astride course

Venue: Central Borders TBC

Contact BMR for more details
Call 01896 758091
Email bmr@ringleader.co.uk