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Certificate of Competence in transport of animals for short journeys


Farmers have a legal responsibility to ensure their animals are transported in a way that won't cause injury or unnecessary suffering to them.

This guide explains the legal controls in place to protect livestock during transit - including details of how the rules vary according to the distance and duration of journeys, and the species of animal involved.

It also gives guidance on staff training requirements and the different types of documents that may be needed, including certificates of competence, transporter authorisation, Animal Transport Certificates (ATCs) and Journey Logs.

You can also read about getting vehicles approved to transport animals and the additional equipment that may be needed - eg to track vehicles or to monitor the travel conditions of your livestock.

Certificate of Competence in transport of animals for short journeys​:

This is a recognised award to meet your legal responsibilities around the welfare of animals in transit on ‘short journeys’. You can take a City & Guilds NPTC award and an assessment schedule can be found here.  

Lantra also provide an award for this certificate which is equally valid.

Background to the requirements for transport animals and information which is tested in assessments is found here. If you look down this page, you will see a link to a pamphlet for each species.

Further information can be found in the Defra publication Welfare of Animals During Transport-


Assessment is a one-off requirement & the Certificate has no defined period of validity (does not need refreshed). Please contact BMR to arrange a suitable time and venue for your test


Those transporting stock on a commercial basis also need a Transporter Authorisation:-

Transporter Authorisation lasts for 5 years. This can be obtained from

Welfare in Transport Team

Animal and Plant Health Agency

Centre for International Trade Carlisle

Eden Bridge House

Lowther Street



Guidance can be found here

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