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BMR Frequently asked questions

answering your questions about machinery rings...

What is a Machinery Ring?

The Ring is a co-operative whose membership consists of local businesses and individuals. Members can either supply and/or demand services as required. The Ring acts only as an agent to these transactions and not as a principal. As the first Ring in the UK, BMR is a member of the Scottish Machinery Ring Association and has comprehensive links with other UK-based machinery rings.

How is the Ring financed?

Income revenue comes from two sources, annual subscription (Full membership £180, Labour Supplier £95, Private £70) and a small levy on every operation carried out. Depending on the service, 0.5% - 2% is levied on the supplier and 0.5% - 2% on the demander.  There is no demander levy on fuel.

What area is covered by the Ring?

As a guide Borders Machinery Ring covers an area which includes the Scottish Borders, Lanarkshire and North Northumberland but with our links to other rings all our members have access to national cover.

Who can join the Ring?

The Ring is open to all farmers, contractors, self employed workers, advisers, hire firms and any business offering or demanding services related to rural businesses. Non-farming businesses are now providing a growing part of our membership. Savings can be made on supplies such as fuel, fertiliser, chemicals, utilities and building supplies.

How does the Ring operate?

The Ring office holds a central database listing all its members and what machines and services they have as well as a database of labour members. When a member contacts us requesting a service, commodity or machine we are able to match that demand with the nearest and most suitable supplier.

Can I make a demand at short notice?

Yes you can. The Ring can act as an insurance policy in case of machinery breaking down, staff illness or an empty fuel tank. Our database allows us to search for suppliers using map co-ordinates, this means we can find a supplier as close to the demander as possible.

What other services can Machinery Rings offer?

As well as machinery and labour, BMR also offers a wide range of additional services such as sourcing farm supplies including fuel, fertiliser, building materials and utilities.   Training is also a rapidly growing part of our business.

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