woodland management

Help with planning, felling, replanting and marketing of your woods

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When it comes to managing your woodlands, BMR can help

At BMR we have members that can provide advice, a professional mapping service, quotes and bespoke woodland management plans. We can also organise the felling and marketing of timber, as well as replanting and woodland creation.

If you would like free advice on your woodland management options, please call BMR on (01896) 758091

BMR has been encouraging farm woodland owners to produce woodchips from their woodlands, or from timber they’ve bought from another farmer. The purpose of this is for the woodland owners to maximise potential incomes from farm woodlands and to provide fuel for local biomass boilers. Some farm owners have weigh bridges, so woodchips can be weighed when sold. BMR acts as an agent for these woodchip producers and sources fuel for customers from the producer who is closest.

Several BMR members produce woodchips for biomass boilers. The producers are BSL-registered and the chips contain <30% moisture content and are grade G30. If you require woodchips for your boiler, BMR can source them from the closest supplier to you, which minimises haulage costs. Alternatively you can collect them directly from the producer. BMR can supply woodchips at a competitive price.

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