Our suppliers quote us daily so we can offer highly competitive prices

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whatever fuel you use, BMR can get you a better price

We have seven oil suppliers quoting us daily with their most competitive prices. Delivery is usually within two working days (although same or next day delivery may be possible in urgent cases).

Buying your fuel through the Ring ensures you are getting the best price on any given day and eliminates the risk of an individual company profiteering when market prices are volatile.

We regularly see members who have been charged in excess of 5p per litre more than the going rate for sticking with the same supplier.  We can save you time and money by doing the phoning round for you!

  • Gas Oil (Red Diesel)
  • Kerosene (Heating Oil)
  • Derv (White Diesel)
  • Fuel Additives for Gas Oil & Kerosene
  • Bulk Gas (Propane)
  • Bottled Gas (Propane)
  • Woodchip, Pellets & Logs
  • Bunded fuel tanks
  • AdBlue


Do you feel you are paying too much for fuel from your local fuel station or finding it too expensive and end up driving to a cheaper fuel station miles away?If so a diesel fuel card could be what you need.

BMR works with a range of fuel card providers giving members the convenience local fuel pumps whilst getting a discounted price.
Diesel prices will be emailed to you on a weekly basis so you will know what price you will pay at the pump with your fuel card. There are no charges or hidden costs for the cards. BMR will benchmark the fuel prices with the market to ensure members continually receive a truly competitive price.

During the sign up process we will work out which card(s) will suit you the best depending on which are your nearest fuel station(s). Fuel cards can also help businesses save money as invoices are automatically emailed to you, so no more lost fuel receipts and unclaimed VAT.

If you would like to know more about fuel cards please contact the office on 01896 758 091.

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