ATV Sit-Astride

July 19, 2024

White Corner Mask

ATV Sit Astride

This ATV course will ensure that you;

• comply with legal requirements, with an emphasis on safe practice

• identify the risks associated with using a sit-astride ATV

• select and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

• understand the main causes of accidents

• identify the controls and components

• understand the functions of all the instruments

• carry out daily checks as indicated in the manufacturer's operator manual

• carry out appropriate pre-start checks

• identify and report any faults

• carry out an on-site risk assessment and plan the route

• identify loading and towing capacities.

With the following options to:

• operate the ATV safely on a variety of slopes and terrain

• carry out a failed hill climb

• demonstrate active riding

• drive with loads and/or trailed equipment

• load and secure vehicles for transport on the road